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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the stories that joe the story executions of pillaging the alleged chemical weapons use r t brings you exclusive firsthand accounts of what's happening on the ground as a libyan town of wanting to buy a new one need comes under attack from government forces. take him back again so a social massacre tens of thousands hit the streets of spain and italy furious at big government's austerity programs people say are destroying their lives. and the u.s. presidential race enters its final week with both romney and obama neck in american polls while third party candidate if i media blackout to offer that country a fresh take on american politics.
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at seven am here in moscow you're watching the weekly with me to bomb would say the apparent use chemical weapons against civilians humanitarian crisis stranded refugees and more deaths the reality for the libyan ton of bani walid this week the residents they are calling for international help as all me and pro-government militias continue to shell the former gadhafi stronghold artie's policia has been gathering eyewitnesses accounts from the perceived tone you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. these are the pictures the world has chosen not to see dismembered bodies random killings dying women and children for three weeks the libyan city of bani walid has been under siege armed militia gangs patrolled the streets looting houses bulldozing properties and shooting indiscriminately if
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you want if you almost of. people are so concerned for the safety of their families they don't want to be identified. it was chaotic shiling they fired at harbors and shelters indiscriminately more than two thousand families have fled seven families are with us at the moment yes they were fled to the valley but they were firing into even their now families who died in the shelling children died too then fired by women and children the straight to the head it started with the order for the army to use all means necessary to rid the former gadhafi stronghold of all his supporters there were accused of kidnappings and murdering of former militia men credited with capturing the libyan leader last year i would misses and doctors on the scene say people are being fired at with gas folder shells r.t. sources report seeing militia trying to hide and remove the bodies of those killed by chemical weapons and i can confirm that these militias used internationally
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prohibited weapons they used phosphorous bombs and nerve gas we have documented all these and videos were recorded the missiles they used on the white phosphorus raining down from these missiles many people died without being wounded shot they died as a result of gases the red cross is to me it's more than twenty five thousand people have so far been made homeless with fiji's who in the confusion of the past few days trying to return home after the army announced the city had fallen and they're now stranded on the desert highway in fear and panic look at this. this get this gun and this be able now this sorting out why you don't know one week now this libyan go outside and know what the were doing when i was leaving when i think when when one of the government. i saw explosions and rockets about our heads i saw the dad. but the general national council denies the killings despite the
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evidence to the contrary where the government for third. place where i would go as high that of course there will be. small mistakes but the whole picture of the whole thing is being better for the. taking care of all the family and it's not only the libyan authorities that are in denial western governments and mainstream media have also chosen to be silent prompting the charge of double standards to be leveled at them let's think back to carry twenty eleven we couldn't because in the u.k. or us or put on the b.b.c. or c.n.n. we were hearing about what was going to be a humanitarian disaster. killing lots of people and today the situation leverage much worse you've got a humanitarian catastrophe taking place we've got massacres going on at the moment and their silence complete silence here the chaotic scenes of a throwback to the long running rivalry between wizards of bani walid and misrata
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a city khadafi laid siege to they also show the weakness of the new government's authority over former rebel militias which only to be generous but essentially do what they like to overpower so it's a leech is a message to all of them across libya wherever they are whoever you are and however strong you are and whoever your backers are the revolution should win it's the years and some evolution came to this oil rich country but little seems to have changed for ordinary libyans many of the crimes gadhafi was accused of are now being laid at the foot of the general national council a reminder that for many the arab spring turned out to be a very cold winter here r.t. beirut. meanwhile the u.n. security council has rejected a russian draft statement condemning the violence in bunny would lead and calling for a peaceful resolution to the siege the proposal was blocked by the u.s. which took part in the bombing campaign last year to protect civilians from
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violence from then leader duffy. reports from new york. while you don't nations has focused much attention this week on the ongoing conflicts in syria and mali russia's efforts to address the death and destruction taking place in libya was blocked by the united states washington refused to support a security council press statement drafted by russia calling for the resolution of violence in bani walid which has been under siege for weeks the u.s. delegation cited a further need for consultations meanwhile the russian ambassador to the u.n. churkin says that it's quite strange the u.s. would block a press statement condemning the use of force in dealing with libya's political problems just one month after i deadly attack in benghazi claimed the lives of four diplomats and vaster churkin said it is difficult in this case to explain the u.s.
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delegations actions in a rational terms now russia has dropped her statement called on the libyan authorities to take urgent steps to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and to preserve the rights of all libyan citizens that also expressed concern about the significant escalation of violence in and around the city of money will leave. you will be following the violence around. and who will keep you up to date with developments in the iran the besieged town. a u.n. brokered truce in syria has crumbled amid further bombings and clashes across the country at least five were killed and many more injured when a car bomb exploded playground in the capital damascus the violence the modest ceasefire that was meant to coincide with celebrations for the muslim holiday obviate some rebel groups as such as the radical our news rough front rejected the
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truce outride a position that al qaeda supported in a recent video posted online the al qaeda leader urged muslims to join the rebellion in syria international affairs analyst allows us us dean says the trees plan was doomed to fail if the government is for going straight in syria is formed. it including the united states once you. took it so well there are many of the countries like the cape friends your money is providing the libyan support so gloria would prefer we know that they're providing token jordan that's will they don't want any beach if they want to remove the government of syria from power of personal bush on our side of the boats are there on the way they believe we were able to meet that they got the momentum they got the support from the outside world and they say that there are no going to abide by these states or it's because they they have to be pressured by the powers that back
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them perhaps they have even been told not to support this use for. drones trauma ricci's the skies over the united states american accent. popular pakistani politician his flight to question him about his opposition to washington's deadly strikes in his country that story still to come this hour platts. ukraine costs. verdict in parliamentary elections exit poll suggests president in our conventions party has taken the lead but it may need to pull a publishing government hold on to the follow up of our correspondents will bring you the details from the. tens of thousands of people took to the streets of spain and italy to protest against austerity measures demonstrations turned violent in the northern italian town of river delgado where
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police used tear gas and batons to disperse angry crowds but as artie's surfer it reports the struggling public is still determined to get its message headed by those in power. getting back to to start saying people all over a year of the continuing to fight against this a measure of the fight in deeper and deeper into the public and private purpose of many usa nations caches with police break out in the north of italy of thousands marched against the government in the capital the movies dubbed anti monte de similar scenes we witnessed in the trades west bank is turned on the us to rally against never ending government cuts but we feel like we are now under a percentage by our government that they are doing this that we are no we don't agree with them and we are telling them on the diamond but they don't listen as it is start youngest spread across year thousands of people have taken to the street
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and it's not just in madrid for in greece to italy big you're using countries and small this is the year a crisis that doesn't discriminate affecting people of all ages and from all walks of life here in spain the unemployment figures now top a whopping twenty five percent this is a younger generation that's been hit the hardest in the stats for the country you see that half the sixteen to twenty four year olds in the house of work everything you see preceding unemployment poverty. the ferns. in people here police offices. dividing the protest this from the governments that more and more a growing to live with that of g.t. you'll find many of them joining the march is lower in force with a feeling the pinch the need amongst many protesters greg craig. many times
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before and still they tell us how nothing seems changed. is actually not to cut their spending but to invest more in the economy to invest in growth to make sure that there are jobs and the only way to offer. get out of this is to grow not just cut your way out of it so one of the main arguments of the people here is a good is if you actually listen to the people who are not too good for the initial interest from abroad you would come up with a lot more sensible and a lot more rational response to this was a dogmatic insistence on austerity has seen successive governments across the isolated from their electorate and amongst the euro members themselves divisions a widening explains witnessing this independently bit less alone year in the basque country those demanding freedom and elect things that british politicians meanwhile greece is fighting enough surge of radical nationalist sentiment is leading to the grave of far right and fascist greats scenes like these make it hard to believe
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that earlier this month even is awarded the nobel peace prize bringing stability and unity to the previously want to own continent some protesters are calling it a social muska with a massive euro wide strike planned for later this month it seems as long as things continue as they are there will be no peace here so if the r.t. . police in greece have arrested a journalist to publish a list of the country's political and business elite with swiss bank accounts the whistleblower like you says athens are failing to go after those dodging taxes while imposing punishing spending cuts on the struggling population professor of economics c.n.n. . says politicians are reluctant to investigate because of their own involvement in the case. possibly you freely investigate degree bordering greece has been
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arrested for trying to excel in the public interest but the vast majority gives a good population fear the good politician use. to expose the network of court action which involves good logic good politicians and business model additions pulls. out pointing moralizing finger at those that we can members of the group society saying no you have not been going to x. you've been vaccinated this is why we're in such a very real stage to now go to do this coming out of jail tax arrangement about the fact that tax evasion is again played very skillfully by that each and as it has been happening for the last thirty or forty years now lived a peculiarly keen to be idle in the face of such a list you can find more on the situation in the europa including analysis and online exclusives on our website that r.t.
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dot com. in ukraine polling stations have closed in parliamentary elections that looks set to test the country's leadership the opposition has pledged to impeach the president if they win enough seats while the race to form a coalition could yet decide the outcome exit polls are so far suggests the ruling party of regions is ahead in the votes but has no overall majority artie's alexia chefs has the details from. of the ruling party may have won this election in terms of the number of votes they've gained they won in the first place according to most of the exit polls but the combined votes combined seats of the opposition parties may eventually bring them the majority in the new ukrainian
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parliament and this could in fact spell big trouble for president bush because the opposition has been saying all along that one of its first decisions should it gain a majority in the new parliament would be to impeach the president the biggest intrigue which remains still is whether the party of the former heavyweight champion boxing champion of the world. will be willing to join the opposition in the new coalition within the parliament because so far has been saying that he will not form the coalition with the ruling party but still he hasn't officially confirmed that he will be willing to make a new alliance of parties within the parliament with the opposition parties the exit poll results are based only on the proportional seats on the parties which were voted for him during this election but things may change when they count the votes for independent candidates which were also running and they will make up in fact half of the parliament clearly the main talk will take place after the official results of the central action commission come out and we are expecting it
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to happen somewhere in the next two three days this will not happen on monday because there are about twenty million of votes to be counted so we are certainly waiting for all the figures and numbers to be updated from the central action commission and we will bring all the latest details and all the latest results as we get them. to the us now with just seven days before the presidential election obama and romney are still tight in the polls last week neither candidate was able to steal i hate the final face off to discuss america's foreign policy but some diversity was brought to the race by the third party debate which offered a different slant the key issues r.t. was one of the very few media outlets taking any notice here some of the highlights . the president has assumed dictatorial rights to put us in prison at his pleasure without charge or without trial we are on the
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road toward to him and that's not an exaggeration the biggest threat to our national security is the fact that we're bankrupt we need to retrench rather than trying to be the policeman of the world we need to put an end to the use of drones and actually lead not to lead this development of a new arms race but to lead in an international treaty and the convention to permanently banned the use of drones we're printing and borrowing money to the tune of forty three cents out of every dollar we spend. sixteen trillion dollars is bearing down on us and as johnson say are we could well be right germany after world war i. the third party presidential candidates said to lock months for the third and final time in a week and it will be brought to you exclusive me by our team while in the fallout from the final debate between obama and romney both came in for criticism as it
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emerged their policies a striking resemblance to one another on top of that almost cia officer way mcguffin says some issues with just ignore what. well obama should be able to say that our ambassadors are going to be killed our other representatives are going to be murdered unless we change our policy towards us the world that's policy be defined by the need for oil and the need to protect what are perceived to be the interests of israel unless we change those policies we will never succeed in being able to protect our our embassies and our other diplomatic establishment about afghanistan probably we're smart say it's a fool's errand we've got to get out of there we were wrong we ought to bring our troops right back now why can't he say that or why is it not likely if it is say that because no politician in the united states can afford the slightest risk of
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seeming soft on things that are described as the war on terrorism it's that simple . coverage of the u.s. presidential campaign will continue on air and online introducing a fresh perspective on the race starting this monday will be exploring america's domestic policies and challenges in depth stay with us for that. what lies ahead for. will movements mobilize cool's for a new america who stands for the no it's nine percent who is election a close guide to the twenty ninth on r.t.e. . a form of pakistani cricket star turned politician has been interrogated by u.s. officials imraan khan was pulled off a plane and questioned about his campaign to end american drone strikes in pakistan
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he demanded an apology following the incident and vall to continue his campaign and as artie's reports nothing is likely to change washington stance on its controversial program. killing the civilians of one country in the name of security of another the united states has been doing just that for over eighty years and pakistan. there are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered three thousand americans they are plotting to strike again federally administered tribal areas burned bright red on the map that's where u.s. drone attacks have been killing thousands of people claiming the majority of them are militant extremists a study led by scholars from new york and stanford university's found that only around two percent of the total number of deaths were militants among the remaining several thousand victims of drone attacks hundred seventy five were children the fact of the matter remains the u.s. has been carrying out military operations in
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a country that it is not at war with and the international community says almost nothing about actions which are illegal by international standard. it's. much. worse since the thought. that in the day islamabad and washington were all smiles each seeking to benefit from cooperation centered on dealing with the persistent taliban problem though there was a cool off in the relationship in the one nine hundred seventy s. when pakistan began working on its nuclear bomb. the vows were renewed in the wake of the two thousand one world trade center bombing and the ensuing war on terror presently however there seems to be no love lost in this match don't strike. counterproductive but. breaks are.
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it's not just the buzzing of the drones however that threatens pakistan's integrity but was great as one of the greatest feats of the fight against terrorism this as a nation of islam of the large and was a military operation carried out in secret and without knowledge of the pakistani authorities. then came the killing of twenty four pakistani soldiers in the u.s. led air strike forcing islam about to close down the nato supply routes for seven months it was reopened only after an official apology from the u.s. secretary of state but with pakistan itself calls to cut off cooperation or submission as many see it to the u.s. get louder with every passing week pakistanis believe the united states may be giving a lot of money to their government but is at the same time taking away the country's
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sovereignty and killing its people in islamabad. r.t. . and the country's troubles don't end with drone strikes as pakistan suffers religious violence on the ground at least five people have been killed and twenty five wounded in a powerful blast outside a sunni muslim shrine in northwest pakistan a senior police officer was among those injured no one has claimed responsibility so far but some militant movements including the taliban have been blamed for previous attacks of this kind. in northern nigeria. saw a side attack on a church during sunday mass has left seven dead and more than one hundred wounded reprisal followed immediately as enraged christian youths carrying machetes attacked and killed two muslims no one has claimed responsibility for the initial
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attack but it's a suspected the slum a gig streams group boko haram all responsible citizens. the american state of new york new jersey orders mass evacuations as the east coast are bracing for hurricane sandy she's due to hit on monday night it's already left over sixty people did in the caribbean new york is said to close its public transport system over fears sandy could merge with a winter weather front and become a super storm the presidential election campaign has also been affected as romney and obama cancel events. and just in a few minutes peter lavelle and his guests discuss the rise of separatism and pro independence movements in europe coming up.
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what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the round tightrope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads the two parties still dictate rules there for. this election a close god every never fear. lead mission and free cretaceous three terms for charges free. range month free risk free studio time free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects for free media. dot com. please please. more news today. again fled
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uplands these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are the day please. play. live. soon which brightened. from the silence to christians.
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whose flames don't totty don't come. cheap if you. start. into. the low end welcome to cross talk on people about how much of a union is a growing separatist movements in europe challenge many conventional wisdoms about globalization the nature of state sovereignty and self-determination are we entering a new age of nationalism in europe and around the world and has the great recession created or merely revealed separatist aspirations. to teach. students. to cross-talk european separatist aspirations i'm joined by david torrance in london he is a writer journalist and broadcaster also in london we have robert oulds he is the director of the bruges group and in strasbourg we crossed a year got shot he's
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a cocky he is a liberal member of the european parliament and head of the german hellen make a business association in germany all right gentlemen crossed out girls in effect that means you can jump in any time one day but if i go to you first. the nobel prize peace prize went to the european union but at the same time we have. the citizens of spain citizens of the u.k. citizens of it. only citizens of belgium want to leave their mother state if we want to put it that way separatism i mean i thought this was all in the past it's the union now how do you explain the difference in new trends well well in in a sense there is no difference i mean separatist movements of exists in all these countries to some extent for a very long time in scotland in the u.k. scase and scotland way back to the late nineteenth century and it's important to emphasize that although the european union and the eurozone crisis is a factor nationalism existed in the u.k. before the u.k. was a member of the european union and it exists now you.


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